Gla Planning Performance Agreement

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May 17, 2022
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Gla Planning Performance Agreement

The GLA Planning Performance Agreement: An Essential Tool for Effective Planning

The Greater London Authority (GLA) Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) is a crucial tool for ensuring effective planning in London. The PPA is a voluntary agreement between the GLA and developers that sets out a clear and detailed timetable for the planning application process.

The PPA is designed to improve the planning process by setting out a transparent and predictable timetable for both the planning authority and the developer. It establishes clear dates for the submission of planning applications, the provision of additional information, and the completion of the planning process.

The benefits of the PPA are numerous. It enables developers to understand the requirements of the planning authority and to plan accordingly. By providing a clear timetable, the PPA gives developers a greater degree of certainty, reducing the risk of delays and additional costs.

The PPA also allows for early engagement between the developer and the planning authority. This can help to identify and resolve potential issues at an early stage, reducing the risk of delays and disputes later in the process.

In addition, the PPA can also improve the quality of planning applications. By establishing a clear timetable and setting out the requirements for additional information, the PPA ensures that the planning application is adequately prepared and meets the necessary standards.

The PPA is not just a tool for developers. It also benefits the planning authority by enabling them to manage their resources effectively. By agreeing on a clear timetable, the planning authority can allocate resources to the planning application process more efficiently, ensuring that it is completed within the agreed timescale.

Overall, the GLA Planning Performance Agreement is an essential tool for effective planning in London. It provides a clear and transparent process for both developers and the planning authority, reducing the risk of delays and disputes and improving the quality of planning applications. By using the PPA, developers can ensure that their planning application is processed efficiently and effectively, while the planning authority can manage their resources more efficiently.

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